About GiftGator

What is GiftGator and What Drives Us?

Our Purpose & Beliefs

We wanted to do our part for the environment while promoting experiences over material stuff.  We believe that gifting an experience and being part of creating special memories is preferable to giving stuff to someone that they might not want, need or even appreciate!

The owner and staff at GiftGator also wanted to share all of the truly amazing things we have to do in our small piece of paradise called the Okanagan, while promoting local business and tourism.  We envisioned, then created, a winning proposition for locals, visitors and business.  Now, how often does that happen?


Okanagan Adventures originated from my desire to do fun things on my weekends.  What I found though was I first had to think of something to do, then I had to search for it to see if it was available in the area. I thought – wouldn’t it be great if everything was already pulled together into one place for you. Where you could browse and select what you wanted, and book it right then and there at no extra cost!  This is how Okanagan Adventures came to be in 2015!

After being in business a few years I realized that Okanagan Adventures was growing beyond the Okanagan geographic area. In addition, I’d already expanded beyond only booking adventure experiences and activities.  So, I decided to rebrand to reflect that shift and to include a focus on Experiential Gifting.  In 2018 GiftGator evolved from the original Okanagan Adventures into the premiere multi-vendor online platform for the Interior Region. Our technology improved, our vendors grew, our geographic area expanded and we added an Affiliate Network of third party-sellers.  While we continue to provide an exceptional customer experience and work with our partners to showcase the many different types of experiences, activities, services (and even a  few select products), our focus is now on the Experience Gifting Market of the Okanagan.

Ayn Lexi Owner/Operator

The GiftGator Leadership & Team

As GiftGator grows and expands its markets so to do our team and supporters.
It all started however with our Owner and GM, Ayn Lexi.

Ayn Lexi

GiftGator arose from Ayn’s love of the Okanagan outdoors and the incredible array of adventure and recreational activities that the area has available. She notes that she particularly loves both both aerial and speed sports.  She has a business background in the for-profit, non-profit and public sectors in management and leadership and has a BA and a Graduate Diploma in Executive Business Management, (18 months into an MBA).

Ayn would like to create partnerships with small and medium businesses to provide an alternate way for consumers give gifts. She believes that having GiftGator do the work of pulling together all the great things there are to experience in the Okanagan, she can help people to see what’s available, at no extra cost to them, and shop to support local, which helps everyone.

Kaitlyn Anutooshkin
Business Account Coordinator

Kaitlyn started with GiftGator in 2019 after graduating with a double degree in Business Administration and International Management at Okanagan College. Kaitlyn studied tourism, marketing, and management during her time at OC which has made her the perfect fit for our team! She love to experience new things and check out all that the Okanagan has to offer. Some of her favourite Okanagan activities include zip lining, wake-boarding, hiking, wine tours, and checking out the local arts scene!

Business account coordinator

What GiftGator Actually Does

For Customers: How Does it Work?

If you’re a customer with GiftGator, we have three ways you can win the hearts of your loved ones, while making gift giving simple, fast and fun!

  1. Book your experience directly. Please note that you will obtain the experience provider’s name, address etc. following payment. Sometimes your experience provider will request your information prior to confirming your date and time to ensure availability. If it is available as requested you will receive an email directing you back to your shopping cart to provide payment information. If your requested date/time is not available, someone will contact you to offer an alternative.
  2. Purchase an Experience Voucher, specific to your chosen activity or adventure. You personalize a message and select the date on which the Experience Voucher will be delivered via email.  When redeeming, the gift recipient uses the code on the Experience Voucher in the shopping cart and voila, the experience you’ve selected for them is booked.  (If they would prefer a different experience we’re more than happy to exchange it for them at no charge.)
  3. Finally, you can purchase a GiftGator Gift Card which can be redeemed for ANYTHING on the site and they never expire.  With our great selection of experiences, your gift recipient will probably have a hard time narrowing their choice down to just one. Gift Cards are redeemed in the same way as Experience Vouchers.

Best of all?  It costs you nothing to use our site as our commissions come directly from our vendors, PLUS we have a lowest online price guarantee with our vendors so you won’t lose out on any online sales!

We’ve done the research and curated and gathered the experiences together for you. So, what are you waiting for?

Our Expertise

Experience Gifting & Adventure Booking

In addition to pulling together existing adventures, GiftGator has also begun to create unique packages of our own, along with our partners. For example, art classes outside in a vineyard while sipping wine and getting hands on assistance from a local artist. Add a wine paired lunch, a private winery tour and tasting. We’re also pitching a new “Dessert & Wine Tour” – mmmm stay tuned!

Soon GiftGator will be pairing chocolate making and wine, yoga and heli-tours, luxury packages, health and wellness packages and Adventure packages! Also, with our concierge service, if you can dream it, we can make it happen!

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