5 Reasons to go on an Okanagan Winter Wine Tour

5 reasons to try an Okanagan winter wine tour.

Why you should try an Okanagan Winter Wine Tour

The Okanagan is world renowned for its excellent wine industry. In fact it was recently voted #2 in the world by Huffington Post, which described the area as “drop dead gorgeous”!  During the summer people travel from far and wide to taste some of the sublime varietals which the valley is known for. But guess what, Okanagan wines don’t just have to be enjoyed in the summer! In fact there are many reasons why you should try an Okanagan Winter Wine Tour, and we’ve compiled a list of some of them.

Avoid the Crowds

This is one of the best perks for heading out on a wine tour in the non-peak season; when you arrive you can walk right up to the tasting bar and start sampling. In the summer there can often be long line-ups and big crowds. By going in the winter you skip all that so you can get right to the good stuff – the wine!

Custom Private East Kelowna Winery Tour

Get some Extra Attention

During the off season, not only will you avoid crowds and spend less time waiting, but you’ll also enjoy some extra attention! Whether it’s from your tour guide or with your winery tasting expert, you’re sure to enjoy the extra time and attention paid to you while sampling and learning about the wine varietals, terrior and wineries you’re visiting!

South Okanagan winery wine tasting group.

It’s Red Wine Season

If you’re like me, you prefer red wines during the colder season, and winter is the time to embrace this. Some wineries will even let you do a red wine only tasting if you prefer. So, embrace the reds and try some new ones from the best the Valley has to offer.

Taste the best of the Okanagan's red wines during the winter season.

Get Out of the House

Let’s face it, in the winter a lot of us just like to cozy up in the house with something warm and a good show. Going out on a winter wine tour is a great way to get yourself up and out the door. Not only do you get to try some new varietals, but after you head home you can still snuggle up with Netflix while enjoying some newly purchased favourites!

Try some Seasonal Wine Favourites

Something you may not know, is that some wineries offer wines that are only available in the wintertime, like mulled wine! It’s also Ice Wine season, with many wineries offering ice wine tastings, a very special offering that you should definitely take advantage of!

Lake Country wine tour on the beautiful Scenic Sip route.

Ready to try a winter wine tour? Here are a list of some of our favourite wine tours you can also enjoy during the winter season.

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Premier Naramata Bench Full Day Wine Tour

Half Day Wine Tour in Scenic Naramata

Full Day South Okanagan Golden Mile Wine Tour

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Lake Country Full Day Wine Tour

Lake Country Scenic Sip Half Day Wine Tour

So what are you waiting for? Grab some friends and book your winter wine tour today!

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