Why I Don’t Give Things Anymore

Why I don't give things, I gift experiences now.

If you’re like I was, you may have found that giving gifts had become more of an obligation and less of an enjoyment. Sandwiched between aging parents and young adults, I found myself at a total loss as to what to give them for Christmas and birthdays! They had everything already, and if they wanted something they just went out and bought it themselves.

So, what did that leave me with?  I could go for the funny and cute gifts, like a Kung Fu dancing hamster I once bought for someone. Yes, it was fun, but how long did it last before it ended up in the landfill?  Plus, how long before that hamster decomposed in the landfill?  I googled this and it was up to 1,000 years! Wow, that’s an impressively poor legacy for a little Kung Fu dancing hamster!

I also found myself spending countless hours searching for the perfect gift!  Once I found what I thought was perfect and I happily gave it to the person I had purchased it for, I later discovered that it had been returned or regifted.  Now, how frustrating was that after all that time I’d spent shopping?

I found myself growing increasingly frustrated because I just wanted to give people something that they wanted or needed, and that didn’t often happen. Gift giving had become something that I avoided; it became just another chore to get through and that’s not what gift giving is about!

That’s when I decided to start giving experiences as gifts rather than things anymore, and what a huge difference this made. I chose GiftGator as my gifting source because of the huge selection of local adventures and experiences because I knew that the gift receipient would be able to find something that they wanted.  I also chose gift cards because they never expired and could be used for anything on the site so that my parents and my adult kids could go in and book whatever they wanted, for whenever they wanted to do it.  Great for me and great for them.

I recently went on a luxury boat charter that my daughter and son in law booked and it was amazing. We drank wine, toured the sights from Okanagan Lake and had a great time! I asked them if they genuinely liked getting this type of gift and they said yes.  (A bonus for me is that they also live in Calgary, so they have to come here to see me to use their gift.)

For me, it’s been the answer to my gift giving problems.  I know that I’m not filling up the landfill. I know that I’m supporting local small businesses.  I know that my loved one appreciate the gifts and that they are creating memories that will last forever, and I’m a part of that! A huge personal benefit for me too is that now that I give everyone gift cards at Christmas and for birthdays it takes literally just minutes and is totally stress-free. I’m happy, and they’re happy because they’re now doing things that they may not have tried otherwise.  So try it yourself. Stop giving things and gift experiences  instead and see what happens.

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