Taking the Stress out of Gifting!

Many benefits to buying a GiftGator gift card for an Okanagan Experience.

Taking the Stress out of Gift Giving

Are you stressed during the holiday season because of gifting? If you are, don’t worry, you’re not alone!

Sadly, polls have shown that more people than not get stressed out during the holiday season. Major contributing factors to this stress are identified as gift shopping, dealing with crowds and lineups and not knowing what to get for people.

At GiftGator we believe that gift giving should be fast, easy and stress free, allowing you to spend your time where it really matters. It shouldn’t be frantically rushing around a packed shopping mall searching for the perfect gift, and not finding it! So, we have to ask, if you had the ability to take all the stress out of your holiday shopping, wouldn’t you? We believe we can help solve your Christmas stress with our online experience giving!

The Many Benefits of Gifting an Experience with GiftGator

For You

  • a safe and fully secure shopping experience
  • it’s fast and easy
  • if you purchase a gift card that can be used for any experience, you can allow them to choose, so they’re guaranteed to be happy with your gift
  • with a gift card you’re also in total control of what you spend, without any sticker price surprises or pressure from salespeople
  • you’re guaranteed the lowest online price, with zero hidden fees, for any experience on GiftGator!

For Your Loved Ones

  • they’ll be able to create a fun new memory
  • they can spend more time together enjoying the experience when you buy for more than one person, like a family gift, or when others join in the experience with the gift recipient
  • it’s better for the environment because there is less waste created to fill up landfills, as happens when a product breaks or becomes obsolete
  • they receive something they’ll truly enjoy, rather than stuff they may not need! (They can always exchange any experience for another at no charge too.)

By shopping with GiftGator, you can choose from hundreds of the Okanagan’s best and most popular experiences! We have something for everyone, including every age, taste, interest and budget! Why not gift them a wine tour, an art class, or a bike rental? Try a snowshoe tour or parasailing fun for something seasonal! Spend your time where it really matters, and make yourself and everyone else very happy by gifting an experience this year.

Pro tip from the owner at GiftGator – if you live in the Okanagan and your grown kids live elsewhere, gift them an Okanagan experience and they’ll have to come visit you to use it! (She also enjoyed a luxury lake cruise this way when they shared their gift with her last summer. #winwin)

Buy a GiftGator gift card good for any Okanagan experience.

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