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7 Ideas for your next Team Building Event

Need ideas for your next team building event? Here at GiftGator we have you covered

7 Ideas for your Next Team Great Building Event

Are you tired of doing the same old thing for your team building events? Looking for something to shake it up and re-engagement with your team? Well don’t worry, GiftGator has a plethora of fun, interesting and fresh ideas for your next team building event.

Grab some family or friends for a cool game of simulated hockey on a giant screen. Perfect for families or team building events. Play some Indoor Sports

This is a really fun and unique thing to do to bring your team together. Your team will have their choice of simulated Hockey, Golf, Shooting Games, Soccer, Baseball, Bowling and Football!


Try a round of Golf

For some outdoor fun, get your team together for a few rounds of golf. There are a lot of different games available online for large groups too if you’re tired of the regular format!



South Okanagan winery wine tasting group.Wine or Beer Tour

This one is a classic for anyone who loves the Okanagan Wine, or Craft Beer scene. Booking a wine or beer tour is a sure fire way to bring your team closer together! You can even pair it with painting, wooden sign creating, boating and many more activities!


White water rafting for the family is worth the drive!White Water Rafting Adventure

This is definitely one for the books for classic adventure and fun! Get the team out on the water, navigating the rapids of the Adam’s River.


Mud wrestling private pottery class!Try your hand at a pottery class

This is ideal if you have an artistic group, or one that enjoys learning a new activity. Pottery is fun for everyone, and you even get to take something home with you!


Rock climbing fun at our indoor gym with bouldering, belay, or top rope climbing.Get the team rock climbing

If you want something a bit more active, but still suitable for all skill levels, why not try rock climbing! This activity is both fun and challenging, and is something that everyone can enjoy!

Do you have what it takes for our magical mysterious escape room?Try to solve the an Escape Room Challenge

Test out both your problem solving and your ability to work together to get out of an escape room. With several rooms available, this is perfect for beginners to experts.

These are just a few of the many experiences we have that would be great for a team building activity. We also have experts to guide you through challenges created just for working with teams. We’ll be adding these soon to our new Corporate Team Building and Employee Reward and Recognition pages, so keep checking back!

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