The Importance of Giving Experiences to Kids

Giving experiences to your kids, for something they will always remember!

The Importance of Giving Experiences to Kids

In a world where it has become easier than ever to tune out and enjoy the latest TV special, we sometimes forget the importance of human interaction. This is not only important for adults but kids too as shared time is so important for the psychological development for children. Giving a gift is also very important, both emotionally and culturally for both the receiver and the giver. This is why giving experiences can be much more beneficial than the traditional materialistic item.

Now we aren’t saying your kids shouldn’t have any toys or things, it’s just that experiences can provide them with the greatest value. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider giving your child an experience instead of a material item.


Stronger Family Bonds

Okay, this one seems like a no brainer, but it’s true! Spending time together helps strengthen the family bond, and has also been linked to fewer behavioural problems, stronger family identity and just an overall better relationship with your children. Time is the most important resource we have, so it should be treated as such as we spend time together.

Ziplining fun for the entire family in the Okanagan. Trying giving an experience to your child.

Discover their passion

When your child experiences something new, they may discover a passion they’ll pursue throughout their lives! Perhaps that dance class will turn into them dancing on Broadway, or going to see a play will spark their interest in acting, or even going on a hike with their parents will help them discover their passion for nature and science.

get this children climbing with a punch pass.

Less stuff at home and in the landfill

Remember, material gifts are just that – material. A child in a developed country has on average 200 different toys, but only plays with 12 of them on any given day. So much of what we have in our home is clutter, especially when there are kids involved. By gifting your children an experience it leads to less waste in your home, less time cleaning up, and more time spent with your family. It also leads to fewer things ending up in the landfill.

Learning new skills

The world is wide, and there is so much to do and learn in our lifetimes that it is important to start early. By giving your child different experiences it gives them a chance to be exposed to new ideas, skills, cultures and people, which have endless benefits on their own. As they grow up, their gratitude will be immense for the experiences that they had in their childhood.

Create Memories

When you look back at your childhood, what is it that you remember the most? Chances are it wasn’t a sweater you got for your eighth birthday, but rather the day you flew a parasail flight with your dad, or that family camping trip. By sharing experiences with your children, you will help them create these lifelong memories they will cherish.

Join us for a parasail flight over Okanagan Lake.


Giving experiences doesn’t have to break the bank either. In fact some of the best experiences in life are free!

Here is a list of 37 experiences that are great to give kids.

  1. Movie Tickets
  2. Take them to their favourite restaurant
  3. A hike or walk in the park
  4. Going to a petting zoo
  5. Bowling
  6. Ice skating
  7. Try a new skill (maybe horseback riding or archery!)
  8. Art classes
  9. Indoor rock climbing
  10. Local jump gym
  11. Virtual Reality experiences
  12. Grow a garden
  13. Parasailing
  14. A Family project
  15. Concert tickets
  16. See a local play
  17. Enjoy a Water Park
  18. Skiing or snowboarding
  19. Going to the beach
  20. A Family Holiday
  21. Try kayaking or a SUP
  22. Try baking together
  23. Go sledding
  24. Try a craft or paint night
  25. Do a puzzle together
  26. Try an Indoor Playground
  27. Go Zip lining
  28. Visit an Aquarium
  29. Amusement Parks
  30. Go to a sporting event
  31. Visit a Museum
  32. Indoor sports
  33. Learn to Wakeboard
  34. Home movie night
  35. Nature walk
  36. Take martial arts lessons
  37. Go out on a boat

Sharing experiences with kids is important, and with GiftGator we make it easy. Next time you are looking for that perfect birthday present, think about giving them an experience and create memories together.

Giving experiences to your kids, for something they will always remember!

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