Why you should give Experiences instead of Things

Give experiences as they are worth more than material things.

Why you should give Experiences instead of Things

Birthdays, Christmas, graduation, retirement, anniversaries – these are just a few examples of when it’s expected of us to give gifts to others. Giving gifts is a social and cultural norm that is embraced in our everyday lives, but often results in a great deal of stress for the giver as they struggle to find the perfect gift! GiftGator has delivered the solution to this gifting stress by enabling you to gift experiences, instead of things!

Gifting experiences provides a multitude of benefits for both the giver and the receiver. Research has proven that giving experiences brings more happiness to people than actual material items. Why?

  • Experiences help build social connections and brings us closer together when we share them.
  • Experiences create happiness from the anticipation leading up to the event, during the event, and afterwards from the memories.
  • They assist us in setting and realizing our personal goals.
  • They can also help us create new passions, interests and skills.
  • They don’t create landfill clutter like many material items.
  • The giver doesn’t have to spend a lot of time searching for the perfect gift only to have it returned or regifted.
  • Experiences are unique every time – unlike material items.

So the next time you’re looking for the perfect present, try giving an experience instead of the usual. If you need some inspiration, here are 22 experiences that you can give, or let them choose their own:

  1. Okanagan Wine Tour
  2. Kelowna Flyboarding experience
  3. Pottery Class
  4. Try jet skiing
  5. Bicycle Rentals
  6. Cruise around in a Tesla
  7. Okanagan Beer Tour
  8. Indoor Rock Climbing Pass
  9. Try an Escape Room
  10. Parasailing
  11. Boat Rentals
  12. Indoor Simulated Sports
  13. Personal trainer 
  14. Outdoor water park
  15. Ziplining
  16. Paragliding
  17. Guided Hike in the Okanagan
  18. Try a Foodie Tour
  19. Indigenous Canoe Journey
  20. Rent a SUP or Kayak
  21. Try a new yoga class
  22. A round of golf

While GiftGator has many experiences  for all budgets, if gifting an experience is out of your price range, try giving them a product that will link to an experience! This could include a new cookbook to try recipes together, sporting goods for their favourite game, or a musical instrument!

If you keep experiences front of mind when gift-giving, you’ll make everyone involved a lot happier! With GiftGator you can give them an experience voucher or let them decide with a GiftGator Gift Card so together you can create memories to last a lifetime.

Give experiences as they are worth more than material things.


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