Do Some Good Reward Program

Have you heard? GiftGator has started our Do Some Good Reward Program!

We here at GiftGator were so inspired by all the good people do for our community each and every day that we decided to start our own Do Some Good Reward Program. This is a program in which you can nominate someone in an Interior Region community that you believe deserves to be recognized for all the good they do, and we’ll reward them!

The process is easy; simply nominate someone you know in the community that you believe should be recognized for doing good. Each month we will review the nominees and select a lucky winner. We will be giving away one 50% coupon an adventure or experience every month!

If you know someone who does deserves to be recognized, nominate them now for the GiftGator Do Some Good Reward Program!

Nominate a Do-Gooder here.

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