Why it’s Time to Rethink your Corporate Rewards and Recognition Program

Rethink your corporate rewards and recognition program with GiftGator.

Why it’s Time to Rethink your Corporate Rewards and Recognition Program

In today’s world, it’s more important than ever to keep employees happy and motivated, while at the same time being able to set your company apart from the crowd with how you do it. Long gone are the days where we can just hand out watches for retirements and swag for everything else, and call that recognition. Employees today want to feel something when they are being recognized, and when they do, you’ll see the results with them becoming much more engaged at work.

Recognition rewards effort, not just success, and this should not be overlooked. Many employees work hard or produce out-of-the-box ideas that can push the company forward; these efforts don’t always fit into the box of “success”. Recognizing and rewarding this work ethic or innovative thinking, is very important and drives workplace satisfaction.

Their is also a great deal of value in peer recognition. Many workplaces have a Peer Recognition Program in which fellow employees have the ability to nominate each other for rewards. This has proven extremely valuable for increasing engagement with workers and helping to build strong teams, especially with a remote workforce.

“Creating a happier work environment starts with a company that is willing to listen to what employees want and value.” – was written in Forbes magazine and it couldn’t be truer. By recognizing your employees it leads to greater workplace satisfaction, better customer service and higher sales. It’s a win-win!


If you’d like to try a new way of recognizing your employees, I’d like to suggest GiftGator. GiftGator offers a unique twist for your Employee Reward and Recognition Program – Experience Gifting!

Experience Gifting is a great way to reward your employees for their hard work! Think about how you feel when presented with a gift card for dinner out. Now compare that feeling to the one you’d have if you’d been presented with the option of hang gliding through the air thousands of feet up, taking the family out on the lake in a yacht for the afternoon or driving a real stock car on a race track! Which one would excite you more, and make you want to tell everyone about and share online?

The days of coffee-shop cards are long over! The preferred way to reward and recognize is with something inspiring and memorable. GiftGator offers experiences, activities and products for all occasions and all preferences, ages, interests and budgets.

Did you know? GiftGator not only personalizes gift cards, but also co-brands cards. Why wouldn’t you want to link your business to an awesome memory?

Co-brand your logo with a GiftGator giftcard.

Pick out one of our many experiences, or let them decide with a GiftGator Gift Card – the possibilities are endless!

Rethink your corporate rewards and recognition program with GiftGator.



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