Top 11 Ways to Beat the Okanagan Heat

Beat the Okanagan Heat with our 11 helpful hints!

Top 11 Ways to Beat the Okanagan Heat

It’s that time of year again where the sun is shining and it’s super hot in the beautiful Okanagan. With sizzling temperatures in the Valley, everyone wants to stay cool and enjoy the best summer has to offer. Lucky for you, here at GiftGator we have compiled the Top 11 Ways to Beat the Okanagan Heat.

1. A Day at the Beach

Okay, this one may be completely obvious, but what’s summer in the Okanagan without those beach days! Chill out at the beach, soak up some rays, and cool off in one of our beautiful Okanagan Lakes! Just remember to pack your hat, sunglasses and sunscreen!

Okanagan beaches for great family fun.

2. Parasailing on Okanagan Lake

Try a parasailing flight high above Okanagan Lake! This activity is sure to have you cooled down with the wind in your hair, plus you can even choose to get dipped in the water! This fun flight is very family-friendly and makes a perfect Okanagan summer day activity. Ready to try it? Check out our parasailing here.

Enjoy a single, double or triple parasail flight 500 feet above Okanagan Lake.

3. Family fun in a water park!

Water parks can be an awesome family fun activity, especially on a hot day! They’re a great way for kids to have fun and stay cool at the same time. There are lots of water parks throughout the Okanagan, both on and off the Lakes. If you want to try one, check out the Ultimate Outdoor Water Adventure Park options available in Kelowna, Penticton, Peachland, and Osoyoos!

Outdoor adventure waterpark on Osoyoos Lake.

4. Indoor Rock Climbing

Not much of a water person? Don’t worry we have you covered too! Try indoor rock climbing in a nice air-conditioned facility where you can climb, belay, and boulder as much as you want! Check it out here for Kelowna.

Improve your rock climbing skills with our lead climbing course.

5. Go Kayaking

You can find a lot of lakes in and around the Okanagan Valley! Take your pick of beautiful Lake Okanagan, Osoyoos Lake, the warmest in Canada,  Vaseaux lake, known for it’s wildlife diversity, or try a mountain fishing lake. No matter which one you choose, kayaking is a great activity for getting out for some exercise and soaking up the sun while exploring different areas. Kayaking is a great activity for a day out on the water with family or friends. You can even jump in for a cool-down dip whenever you like! Don’t have a kayak? No problem! We have rentals in Osoyoos, Naramata and Penticton!

Rent a kayak to paddle Osoyoos Lake and enjoy the sun and wildlife.

6. Try Flyboarding

You’ve seen it, maybe wondered about it, so maybe now it’s your turn to fly! Flyboarding is a fun summer activity that will have you experiencing the water like never before! Fly to new heights with a jet pack, or dive down and swim like a dolphin. It’s easy to learn and so much fun!  Check out our awesome flyboarding experiences here.

Take a private professional flyboarding lesson in Kelowna.

7. Go on an Okanagan Beer Tour

The Okanagan has a growing craft beer scene, so jump on a beer tour and discover a few new favourites! You’ll get to taste a lot of new beer samples, learn a few new beer facts and most of all enjoy a craft beer tour in air conditioned comfort. Check out our tours here.  Never been on a beer tour before? We’ve got you covered with Beer Tasting 101.

Variety of craft beer samples for tasting.

8. Get out on a Jet ski

Stay cool out in the heat by hopping on an exciting jet ski! Riding a Seadoo is the most exhilarating way of staying cool when Okanagan temperatures soar! With it’s speed, turning and stopping maneuverability you’ll love the freedom of riding this personal watercraft. Cruise the lake in style with one of our available rentals in Osoyoos or Penticton.

Give the happy couple a day of jet skiing.

9. Rent a boat

Have a blast out on the water with your very own boat! Whether you are tubing, wakeboarding, cruising, fishing, or just soaking up some sun, a day on a boat is the ultimate way to beat the Okanagan heat! Check out our available rentals here. If you are wondering if you should just buy a boat versus renting, check out our blog on that too!

24 foot luxury pontoon boat rental on Osoyoos Lake.

10. Go Whitewater Rafting!

While we don’t have any white water rafting right within the Valley, we do have a great river with class I, II and II rapids within a couple of hours drive! If you’ve never tried it, this summer may be the year! White water rafting is great for all members of the family, so load up the minivan and take the plunge! Check out our white water rafting here.

White water rafting for the family is worth the drive!

11. Charter a luxury sailing yacht for the afternoon!

This is the ULTIMATE way to enjoy the Okanagan for a day full of fun, combined with comfortable luxury. Leave your worries at the shore while you relax and enjoy the perfect Okanagan day out on your very own private luxury sailing yacht with your very own Captain and crew. We have many experiences to offer, and for all price ranges, check them out here.

Invite friends to a private sailing yacht charter and wine tour in East Kelowna.


There you have it! Our list of the top 11 ways to stay cool in the Okanagan Heat! Start creating memories of your perfect Okanagan summer day!

Beat the Okanagan Heat with our 11 helpful hints!

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